Wyoming AGM and Soccer Symposium

WHEN : March 9-10, 2019

WHERE: Casper, WY – Hilton Garden Inn

REGISTRATION: Register for free here

A Room Block has been reserved at Hilton Garden Inn


The block will remain open through February 23


For specific information regarding the order of business, elections and bylaw changes at the AGM, please click here.

VOTING of the WSA Board Vice President & Treasurer will take place during the AGM on March 10, which starts at 2:00 p.m. This form can be used for nominations for both positions.

Wyoming Spring League 2019

Spring League Games will be played in both Riverton, WY (April 27-28, 2019), and Sheridan, WY (May 18-19, 2019). Each team is guaranteed 3 games over the weekend.

The Schedule will be posted here.

Registration for both events is open.

REGISTER HERE FOR RIVERTON (Teams in the western part of WY)

REGISTER HERE FOR SHERIDAN (Teams in the eastern part of WY)




Under very limited circumstances the team roster can be expanded; the game roster cannot. Make such requests, including a brief description of why, on the team registration form.

  • Every team must have an official team roster and can present a different game roster for each Wyoming League game.
  • Team Roster: official listing of the maximum number of registered players eligible to play for a team. The team coach must have a copy of the official roster with him/her.
  • Game Roster: listing of registered players who will participate in a particular game. These rostering rules apply to Wyoming League only.

League Fees

8U                    $ 125.00

10U                  $ 260.00

12U                  $ 300.00

14-15U            $ 340.00

16 -20U          $ 375.00

Failure to Perform

A team that refuses to take the field without cause, refuses to travel to a scheduled game without cause, or quits a game prior to its completion shall be noted by the referee on the game card and submitted to the league administrator. For the first instance the team’s club will be fined $150.00; for the second instance the team’s club will be fined $300.00. Any additional violations by the team or other teams from that same club will result in a disciplinary hearing by a WSA disciplinary committee

Player Age Exceptions

These exceptions apply ONLY to teams in Wyoming League:

  1. Wyoming League, unless otherwise communicated in advance by WSA, shall divide play among participating teams by the age divisions prescribed by US Youth Soccer. (See the Player Age Bracket chart at the WSA web site.)
  2. Wyoming League age groups can include 8U – 20U teams.
  3. A player is eligible to play in a specific age group so long as his/her birth date falls within the dates outlined in the Player Age Bracket chart.
  4. No player may “play down” on a team.

Wyoming Coach Development Initiative

WSA offers a comprehensive program of clinics, courses and other events that meets the needs of coaches of all levels throughout the State. Coaching education through the US Soccer Federation (USSF) is changing starting in 2018.  Please see a brief description of these changes and the license structure by clicking the link below:

The Future of Coaching Education

Questions regarding education in Wyoming?

David Hayes
Technical Director
Wyoming Soccer Association

Wyoming Soccer Association now offers reimbursement for US Soccer online grassroots and United Soccer Coaches Foundations of Coaching courses to our soccer coaches. 

If you take an online course, you will be reimbursed $25 for the course with the expectation that you will continue to coach under Wyoming Soccer Association or an affiliated club for one year following the course.

Simply fill out this form to receive your reimbursement (first 500 submissions)