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Wyoming Cup

2019 Wyoming Cup and Championships

Wyoming Cup and Championships will be held on May 25 – May 27, 2019.


Wyoming ODP Sub-Regional

Please come join US Youth Soccer West Region coaches and WSA Technical Staff to show your skills!


Wyoming AGM 2019

Check out the details and how to register for Wyoming Soccer Symposium 2019.


Wyoming Spring League 2019 - Come Join the Fun!

Spring is almost here. Join the Wyoming League. See the details inside.


Wyoming Coach Development Initiative

Wyoming Soccer Association is offering a comprehensive program of clinics and courses for coaches.

Wyoming High School Soccer Teams

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Quick Guides

Soccer Basics


Strikers are the players assigned to deliver the scoring shots to their opponents. This position requires a lot of skills to master other than being at the player’s peak body state.

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Midfielders are the main passers of the ball. It is the job of this position to give every advantage possible to the winger and striker.

Andres Iniesta

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Defenders are the team’s foundation both in terms of defense and offense. They help both the goalkeeper and midfielders all throughout the game.

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Goalkeepers carry the biggest responsibility in the team. They defend the posts and prevent anyone from scoring a goal.

soccer defenders

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